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A brief summary of our technical abilities
Electronics hardware design
  • Circuit design, simulation and PCB layout
  • We use Altium/Protel but have real experience with other CAD tools too
  • Expertise in microcontroller based applications
  • Interfacing with the real world -
    • Analog signal extraction and processing from various sensors
    • Digital interfaces for PC's and other instruments
    • Driving of actuators (motors, solenoids, etc.) - power electronics
  • Instrumentation and displays
  • Extensive experience in large systems with distributed logic (networked systems)
  • A pragmatic approach employing both mature and the latest technologies as required
  • Designing to appropriate standards, EMC compliance and to easiest and most cost-effective manufacturability
  • A fully equipped laboratory - measurement instruments, in circuit emulators, etc. saves design time and costs
Software design
  • Low level (assembly language) software a specialty
  • Higher level languages for embedded microcomputers - C, BASIC variants
  • We have a large selection of tried and tested libraries for many devices reducing design time and increasing stability
  • Experts in minimalist, speed efficient and critical applications
  • Windows (including CE/embedded) software in C, C++, VB to complement our other services
  • PLC programming - various models
Note: We generally do NOT provide software-only solutions apart from those which are suited to an electronics engineering service provider. If you are after applications such as databases, financial software, etc. you have come to the wrong place!

  • Printed circuit assemblies from single prototype to large volumes
  • Complete solutions from bare PCB to full turn-key products/projects, including:
    • Electronics and electrical switchgear, transformers, wiring harnesses, etc.
    • Metalwork and plastics - enclosures, mechanical components, etc.
    • Custom electrical and electonic components
    • Other electronic devices such as PLCs, PCs, etc.
  • Installations, comissioning and on going service
  • Available to various Australian and international standards
  • Super-fast turnaround available for time critical projects - we can be very quick!
Advanced Technika's principle role is designing and manufacturing electronic instruments. We can aid in the design and manufacture of other components but we usually employ other experts in their respective fields for such tasks. Our affiliation with many of these experts can save you the hassle of dealing with a large number of people on the technical aspects of your project and let you get on with your core business.

Consulting services
  • Overall system and lower level consulting on electronic issues
  • Contract electronics hardware and software engineering
  • Objective and independant modelling and reviews of designs, strategies, implementations
  • Technical documents and reports
  • Commissioning services for a wide range of process control and instrumentation equipment
More Information

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