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Job history
The aim of this page is to present some of the types of work we do. It is not a full representation of our abilities.
Some photos may be modified to protect our customer's privacy and anonimity..

An example of a PCB designed with "traditional" through-hole components. The latest is not always the best and this example facilitates in-the-field swapping of "chips" - very useful for jobs which may require upgrading by personnel with no computer or electronic literacy. A PCB with SMT (or surface-mount) components. This technology is approriate for situations where lots of logic is required in a small space and for automated high volume manufacture.Another PCB, this time with a mix of small signal logic and high current power control. This example is the heart of a well known salt-water pool chlorinator.

Electronics in a multitude of forms and technologies - we can do it!

This label printer  has numerous sensors, actuators and motor drives. Labels are dispensed with speed and accuracy by employing a high power stepper motor. This could be accomplished with a generic PLC. But..

Our custom designed embedded solution allows machines like this to be manufactured with realistic budgets, appealing user interfaces, tight performance and great ease of manufacturability.

Driving high power loads in harsh environments - we can do it!

We created a device that takes replaces an archaic printer on a ship's data logger so that the data can be transferred to a modern database. This allows for a more efficient viewing and storage of the ship's operating parameters and also allows automatic alarms to be generated as required rather than expecting trained personnel to peruse reams of printed reports. 

Modernising old products back to useful life - we can do it!

This electromechanical air valve is used in pneumatic tube systems. Our designers employed components to produce a valve with great performance and the industry's best cost efficiency. The entire assembly (with a cover - not seen here) is supplied as a unit thereby minimising the "nuts and bolts" assembly required by our customer. The motors for the air valves before they are installed in the final assembly. Our manufacturing team is flexible and can be stretched across the spectrum from high volume  repetitive work to single prototypes.

Complete custom assemblies that make your life easier - we can do it!

A device designed for installation in a car that connects to a central server over the cellular network and allows remote management of the car. An RFID identification device allows users to log on and enter the car. Car use is tracked via GPS and various sensors.A custom ethernet bridge that allows proprietary communcations interfaces to be extended over a local network or the internet.

Remote and local communications over wires, the air, the internet - we can do it!

As parts of a single family of devices these two user interfaces share a common feel. But they are underpinned by largely different controllers and this is reflected in the type of displays and keypad layout chosen for each job. When a product is custom designed for you then you get to chose what's appropriate - not just pick one of a limited number of off-the-shelf options.

User interfaces exactly as you want them - we can do it!

This electromechanical diverter is tucked away into building cavities, out of sight, doing its job 24 hours a day.An example of a loyaly card reader  attached to vending machines in casinos to allow patrons to redeem beverages.This large LED sign is part of a game similar to that you would find in an amusement arcade.

Hidden away, available but inconspicuous, or in your face - we can do it!

These vending machines have our loyalty card / user ID system installed. We make these to suit site requirements and can connect to various industry standard protocols. Coffee, snacks, PPE, tools, stationary - it's all been done!This is an example of a one-off bespoke job where a PLC (or other off-the-shelf controller) just did not give the flexibility required to perform the measurements and control required.

Just spitting out coffee or controlling a million and one things - we can do it!

But wait - there's more!

It's not our intent to bore you or use up all your bandwidth. If you would like to see a larger sampling of our past jobs or be connected to our references then please contact us.
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