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A little bit about us
How it all began

Advanced Technika started as a one-man-show in the mid 90s and incorporated as a Pty Ltd company in 1999. Prior to this the founder and chief engineer worked for a number of local companies specialising in vending controllers, laser printer and digital imaging controllers, process control and instrumentation, electronic weighing technology and airtube systems among a multitude of other things.

What about now?

One of our most useful advantages is our great exposure to a large number of industries. We understand that your product or business is not about electronics - that's why you came here - so we'll go out of our way to understand what it is you really want and then make that happen for you. We accept the often limited resources and recognise the bottom line many of our clients must work with. Our small size makes us flexible and dynamic yet we can still deliver for large jobs.

Most of our products are designed to customer requirements with exclusivity. We do however have a range of publicly available products specific to the vending industry including vending controllers and membership redemption schemes - please get in touch for details.

Some Underlying Philosophies
  • Our engineers are just that - University qualified engineers, creative, innovative and with real world experience
  • We love simplicity and practicality - this lacklustre website says it all
  • We'll be honest: we know a lot about a little, and a little about a lot - but not both!
  • You call the shots - we can develop to your specifications or your price - sometimes even both!
  • Every customer is unique so there are no hard and set rules - let's talk and come to an agreement
    • Prices and payment strategies
    • Joint ventures or other cooperative approaches
    • Displaying our good faith in your project by amortising R&D costs over extended product purchases
    • You tell us...
  • We protect our privacy and understand why you expect the same - it stops with us
  • We regard communication as crucial as the laws of physics - we use our telephones, email, cars and legs regularly
  • Excellent designs are excellent by nature, not by obscurity - you can know what is going on if you like
  • Ongoing support and development is in both our interests - we'll look after you
  • Nine to five, 40 hours per week is the way the world works - and pigs fly
  • Honesty is the best policy - if we can't do it we'll tell you, and if we can we'll tell you how long it will "really" take
More Information

We'd love to hear about your needs. Contact us - you may be pleasantly suprised.

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