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Welcome to Advanced Technika - an Australian company specialising in electronics design and manufacture for a broad range of end applications. Our business is providing tailored, application specific and high performance electronic control solutions on time and on budget.

If you:

  • have a product which requires some electronic 'brains' to make it come alive
  • have an idea itching to be realised but you're unsure of where to start
  • are currently using electronic devices like PLCs or generic controllers not made specifically for your product that hinder its performance and blow the budget
  • want to differentiate your product with 'smarts'
then you have come to the right place for help. You will be suprised at just how affordable and simple a process it can be to develop a custom product tailored around your needs. Plus, with affiliates in many industries, Advanced Technika's resources go far beyond bare electronics - you can count on us to deliver an all-round solution if required.

For details about some of our capabilities visit the technical abilities page. To be spared the technical jargon check out a sample of our job history and find out some more about us. If this whets your appetite we'd love to hear from you. 

Contact Details:

We are based in Hornsby, Sydney but provide services Australia wide.

Tel: +61 2 8213 0868
Fax: +61 2 9476 3714
Postal address: PO Box 81, Turramurra, NSW, 2074
Email us at info@advancedtechnika.com 

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